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“Don’t be different just to be different,
be different, to be better.”

Do you contribute to the local or wider community?

Are you looking for a way to help share your story of positive change?

The REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD accreditation has been designed just for you.

Like the ‘heart tick’, this accreditation will indicate you choose to give back, so those seeking a responsible product or service can choose you. 

It is for industry leaders who seek to create positive change.


If this sounds like you, you are invited to join us in the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Community where you will find great gift ideas, prospecting tips, and inspiring social posts, away from the hustle of social media.


You will also find an insightful Social and Environmental Change Marketing course that will help you enhance your brand story, along with the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Accreditation Package.

This new and exciting platform will help you keep informed and up-to-date with all of the latest marketing trends, new products and help you create the change you seek to make.

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What others are saying:


“Thank you for the information regarding the Thankyou Settlement Gift Packs, Julia; I use them for all my settlement and property listing gifts. People love them, especially when I tell them about the history behind the brand.  It’s a great feeling to be part of the conscious movement. Thank you!”

Nic Di Rosso


Hi Julia, Thanks once again for your excellent material, which provides a great alternative with a purpose.

The informative marketing provides the public with a sense of community awareness on a broad range of topics. Thanks again for sharing.  

Domenic Alvaro, One Agency

“I have been giving the Settlement Gift Packs to my clients, and they have loved them.”

Gina Donazzan


“I have been looking for a new way to connect with my clients, and I love everything about the prospecting avenues you present. Thank you, Julia.”

Kate Y

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With over a decade of experience and working with Industry experts, I have found the facts on how much money is spent on marketing and gift-giving to be astounding. I have also been incredibly impressed by how much money is being contributed on a local and global level every day.


In response, I have felt inspired to create the Real Estate for Good Initiative, to make it easy for anyone in business to improve brand perception through social change marketing and leave a lasting impression.


If you learn the inspiring stories behind the brands, you can choose to give back and feel great about the message you share.


If you would like to learn how to better incorporate your social contribution within your marketing plan, join us in the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Community, today.


View the below slide deck for new ideas and an inspiring overview of how you can begin to weave your give-back into your marketing campaign.


Gain an insight into how you can build a better brand story and create social change. You will find the link for access to the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Community toward the end.


Look forward to seeing you there!


“The world does not need more Marketers; it needs people who can solve meaningful problems that see everyone win.”





Creative Marketing Strategist

Social Change Influencer