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From where we stand, the world is changing for the better.


Inspiring initiatives are being born every day to help support people and the planet.

Volunteers are working tirelessly to bring about positive change.

Both small and large corporations are contributing and supporting these initiatives on a significant level, and it is this kind of generosity that makes change possible.

The REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD initiative has been designed to help industry experts indicate they are giving back and share their story to inspire others.

This accreditation signifies a connection to community and a conscious approach to gifting and marketing; a genuine commitment to care.


“We rise by lifting others.”

If you notice this accreditation in the marketplace and you would like to learn more, just ask. All proud members of the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD community will be happy to share their story of social change and create meaningful connections.

Great partnerships begin when the same values align.


What others are saying:


“We love the concept of the Real Estate for Good initiative. It helped us choose the agency we wanted to work with. It is very important to us that there is a more conscious approach to business.Through transacting, we feel like we are also a part of that change.”

Julie - Consumer


Hi Julia, Thanks once again for your excellent material, which provides a great alternative with a purpose. The informative marketing provides the public with a sense of community awareness on a broad range of topics. Thanks again for sharing.  

Domenic Alvaro - One Agency

“I have been giving the Settlement Gift Packs to my clients, and they have loved them.”

Gina Donazzan


“I have been looking for a new way to connect with my clients, and I now feel incredibly equipped and inspired to move forward”

Kate Y



With over a decade of experience and working with Industry experts, I have found the facts on how much money is spent on marketing and gift-giving to be astounding. I have also been incredibly impressed by how much money is being contributed on a local and global level every day.


In response, I have felt inspired to create the Real Estate for Good Initiative, to make it easy for anyone in business to help share their story of social change.


If you are an agent and would like to learn how to better incorporate your social contribution within your marketing plan, enquire about the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Accreditation, today.

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From a different industry?


If you work in a different industry and you would like to learn more about how you can share your story of social change, I would love to help.

Enquire today.


“The world does not need more Marketers; it needs people who can solve meaningful problems that see everyone win.”





Creative Marketing Strategist

Social Change Influencer