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Award Winning Backpack Beds for the Homeless

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

If you are looking for a powerful way to give-back and help your clients feel as though they are part of creating change, why not get onboard and help Backpack Bed for Homeless continue their great work in distributing their award-winning Backpack Beds to fellow Australians, sleeping on the street.

Backpack Beds for the Homeless provide Emergency Relief

National charity Backpack Bed for Homeless was awarded the 2011 Australian Human Rights Award.  Yet, despite this global award and written requests from over 600 welfare agencies applauding the Backpack Bed program, there is still no Government funding provided. Tax deductible life saving Backpack Beds are only $95 each. 

When homeless people don't have shelter, the study proven Backpack Bed gives both dignity and life saving outdoor protection from the cold and rain. 

Continually growing we partner with over 550 homeless agencies across Australia. In 2017 approximately 4000 Backpack Beds were distributed - sadly this falls well short of the required 49,200 needed yearly to assist street sleeping homeless across Australia. The demand for the Backpack Bed continues to exceed our funding. 

Testament to the quality of the Backpack Bed - it won the worlds largest and most prestigious product design award in Germany, the 2011 Red Dot 'Best of the Best'. The Backpack Bed also won the 2011 Australian International Design Award , the Sydney Powerhouse Museum Design Award 2011, the Melbourne Design Award 2012, the Edison Award 2013 and the A'Design Award Italy 2014.

What is a Backpack Bed?

Meets 47 international standards for quality and safety (independent lab testing)

Waterproof / Windproof / Mildew resistant / Fire retardant fabric (meets numerous international standards)

Tape sealed main seams

Mosquito mesh ventilation (head + chest + feet)

Built-in 190cm insulated comfort mattress (ALSO fire retardant and  anti-mildew) 

Full body zipped sleeping area

Adjustable padded Backpack straps

Backpack with built-in storage pockets

Lockable internal pocket (with supplied key lock)

Ultra lightweight street tough materials -  approx 3kg

Awarded 7 international product design awards

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Many Corporate sponsors help contribute as well as Real Estate Agents, who present a card to each of their vendors, stating they have donated a Backpack Bed on their behalf. There are a number of marketing opportunities around this campaign, to help spread awareness and share core values.

You can visit Backpack Beds and donate directly here

Backpack Bed for Homeless is a proud partner of the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD initiative where industry experts collectively give back to help create social change.

Please feel free to help contribute individually or spread the word through your marketing campaign, to find out more, visit realestateforgood.com.au

The Award Winning Backpack Bed for the Homeless

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