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Helping Hands Team Building Program - Changing Lives

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Are you looking for a unique team building activity that will have huge impact on the participant and help change lives?

The Helping Hands Program is a truly unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement.

More than just a team building or training activity, participants in our programs build prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world. The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution and in doing so reminds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity.

Did you know over 100,000,000 land mines are still active around the world, with 2000 accidents happening every month; most of them being children. Unfortunately there are still over 300,000 - 400,000 victims in need of a prosthetic hand, with a growing demand.

The sponsors of our programs purchase the hands which are made up of 30 parts, and assembled by 3-4 members of your team. At the end of the session, they will have completed making their hand and will realise they have made a significant difference to someone’s life. Each prophetic hand is delivered to a specific part of the world and the hand is fitted by a specialist. Touching videos of these amazing gifts being given to the recipients are shared at the end of each session.

If you feel inspired to sponsor a team building activity, or share this article with someone you know, we would highly appreciate it. We are aiming to reach our goal of donating 20,000 prosthetic hands by 2020.

We look forward to helping you implement a meaningful team building activity and become part of helping to create social change.

Visit live livebrave.net to learn more about the program and connect with the facilitator, Andrew Melas today.

The following testimonials have been shared with us by program participants:

“Thank you!  It really was a fabulous day and the highlight for me being the team building activity.  I hope we can build on the momentum and enthusiasm in FY13.” – Jac, World Vision

“It was great to have something tangible at the end of it, and to work towards a worthy cause, rather than an arbitrary objective like some trainings!!”- Julia, World Vision

“We had a really great day, everyone loved the team building activity and thought it was the highlight of the day.”- Jodie, World Vision

“The helping hands workshop was a fantastic teambuilding activity coupled with an opportunity to make a real difference in somebody’s life!” – Sophie, MCEC

“I thought that the activity was powerful knowing that what we were making was contributing to someone else’s wellbeing. It also bought all of us as team together knowing this.”- Laura, MCEC

The Helping Hands Project is a proud partner of the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD initiative where industry experts collectively give back to help create social change.

Please feel free to help contribute individually or spread the word through your marketing campaign, to find out more, visit realestateforgood.com.au

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