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Knit One Change One Christmas Campaign

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Countless initiatives are being born every day by amazing individuals who are helping to create social change. We thought we would take the opportunity to share a story that has inspired us.

The Knit One Change One team in rural Southern India

Danielle Chiel, the owner, and founder of KOCO (Knit One Change One) her Australian company, formed in partnership with women who live in rural villages of southern India.

Together, they hand-knit for global fashion brands and other supply other hand-knitted products of which the proceeds are used to help train, employ and empower these women who are unskilled and have no way of earning to help support their families.

KOCO is reawakening the world to the beauty of handknits. We're reaching out to brands who share our values. Every fashion piece and soft homeware we hand-knit comes with an empowering story of how this item changed the life of its maker. KOCO's mission is to employ 40,000 women in rural southern India, breaking negative economic cycles and ensuring the future viability of village life.

With Christmas, well on the way, Danielle is promoting gorgeous hand-knitted Christmas decorations, of which the proceeds will go toward her Knit One Change One Project. By purchasing 12 Christmas Baubles, you will be helping to employ one woman for an entire week.

Danielle Chiel, Founder of the Knit One Change One Project.

Daniel is aiming to sell 6000 Christmas Baubles she can take her training program into another village and begin to create further social change. 

You can visit www.knitgifts.store to view the designs and order.


Knit One Change One is a proud partner of the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD initiative where industry experts collectively give back to help create social change.

Please feel free to help contribute individually or spread the word through your marketing campaign, to find out more, visit realestateforgood.com.au

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