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  • Julia Dyer

Marketing with Purpose: 3 Steps to Connect

Have you ever wondered how much the real estate industry has given back as a whole? Do you ever think about the positive impact that has already taken place?

As a creative marketing strategist with over a decade of experience in the industry, I have felt incredibly inspired by the generosity of agents and the amount of time, money, and energy already contributed on a local, national, and global level.

Unfortunately, despite the enormous amount of give back, consumer perceptions are still low, reflecting a time when selling real estate was highly transactional. There were few regulations in place, and misconduct was rife.

In contrast, if you have chosen to work in the field today, you have chosen to work in a highly regulated service industry; there is no room for unethical behaviour. It only takes one unhappy customer and a bad review to seriously affect your business, and with the high level of competition, you cannot afford to be doing the wrong thing.

As far as marketing goes, times have also changed rapidly. The information era has given consumers the tools to research in their own time and shop on their terms, and as a result, they have become incredibly savvy. Unless you have something very worthwhile to say, it is incredibly hard to get through. Options to block contact such as ‘no junk mail’, ‘block caller ID’, and ‘unsubscribe’ have been designed to work in their favour.

Now, we live in the ‘connection’ economy – marketing wizard Seth Godin coined this term. Building trust through relational marketing with inspiring content is how to get ahead.

This new era is calling us to use our ‘emotional intelligence to connect with consumers on a much deeper level; through aligned core values such as empathy, compassion, and kindness. This is where social change or purpose-driven marketing comes in.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you are probably already giving back; however, are you doing this behind closed doors? Are potential clients aware you are contributing and making a difference?

It has become apparent, very few brands successfully share their story of social change or weave their giveback into their marketing campaigns. In most cases, it is simply because they do not understand how or do not think they should.

This is unfortunate because 85% of consumers are now seeking a responsible product or service, and 75% of people want to work with a company doing good in the world. If you are helping others and you have the opportunity to share a meaningful story, you now have a genuine way to connect with your audience, and you have your content.

There are countless benefits of weaving your giveback into your marketing campaigns. You will instantly enhance your brand story, increase consumer engagement and feel great about the message you share.

You will also be more likely to attract like-minded clients, increase referrals and win more listings and sales. In the process, you are also helping improve the lives of others. This is marketing for today.

If this sounds all well and good, but you are unsure where to begin, here are three steps to get you started.

1. Choose your Cause

Research and choose your cause. Consider aligning with a social change initiative related to your industry, for example, supporting people experiencing homelessness. If you have a team, listen to everyone’s ideas and set up a plan. You may like to support four different causes and promote a new cause each quarter.

2. Understand the story

Once you have chosen a cause, you need to understand the vision, mission, and goals. As well as helping your partners reach their goals, you can also set your own giveback goals. Once you have your story in place, you can share it through different marketing mediums.

3. inform, inspire and connect

Now it is time to inspire others and indicate you give back, so consumers seeking a responsible service can choose you. Become a reporter and a promoter, and bring awareness to your cause, then relax and allow your business to grow naturally.


Sound simple? Remember, like everything, there is an art to how you go about sharing your social change story. Even though you are helping people transition, you are in the business of sales and marketing, and if you do not have a well-thought-out plan, it may seem like you have an agenda, which can negatively impact your brand.

Click here to view the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD slide share and see an how you can share your story of social change in six simple steps.

So, what does the future look like for the industry?

As far as perceptions go, I would have to say it is looking promising.

Social change marketing is here, and there is no longer the need to keep inspirational stories hidden behind closed doors. Relational marketing will allow you to lead the way and show you care.

By putting your best foot forward, agents will be recognised as pillars of the community and seen in the most favourable light. Not only will you thrive in business, but this approach will also see everyone will win.

This article is written by Julia Dyer, founder of the Real Estate For Good Initiative, and ‘Marketing with Purpose’ course writer for the REINZ. If you would like to effectively and efficiently share your story of social change, visit the www.realestateforgood to learn more. The Real Estate For Good Accreditation Package including a 6-Step Marketing Strategy, will set you on the pathway for success.

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