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The Good Box - Abolishing Misconceptions around Homelessness

Updated: Feb 6

Have you heard of the Good box?

The Good Box is a social enterprise that creates beautifully packaged gift boxes for people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Founders, Maddy and Gali, are on a mission to abolish misconceptions surrounding homelessness to prevent isolation and increase communication.

When working together at a media agency in the CBD of Sydney, Maddy and Gali noticed the extreme isolation experienced by those sleeping rough.

They also noticed that some people wanted to be able to help those experiencing homelessness but didn’t know how because giving money didn’t seem like the right thing to do as they were not sure where the money would go.

They also realised that some people didn’t want to help at all because they had preconceived ideas and stigmas about why people experience homelessness.

Therefore, people were ignoring those living on the streets, which was increasing the amount of isolation they faced everyday, so the idea came about to provide those experiencing homelessness with a beautiful gift along with a conversation to brighten up their day.

Homelessness is multi-faceted and is not confined to those sleeping rough, so we knew that we also needed to establish relationships with homeless charities to provide boxes to those that aren’t as easily reached.

Fast forward three years since the idea was first conceived and now we help thousands of Australians experiencing homelessness receive beautiful boxes with first-hand quality items.

The boxes are a vehicle to an important conversation that can help some of the most isolated people in our society to be more likely to seek and accept assistance. We also provide school and corporate engagement programs to educate staff and students on the important social issue of homelessness.

Maddy and Gali have already gifted over 12,000 Good Boxes to people experiencing homelessness, with your help, their goal is to donate over 20,000 Good Boxes by the end of 2022. They are hoping to donate over 4,000 just between November-December alone!

The Good Box is affiliated with the Real Estate for Good initiative. proud members who sponsor this inspiring initiative are helping Maddy and Gali reach their goals.

If you would also like to contribute or read more about their incredible story, click here.

If you would like to find out more about the Real Estate for Good initiative, click here.

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